What our students / teachers / parents say

  • Joining Making Sense is easily one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. I was blown away in that one lesson by the ease in which Mr. William helped us to realise concepts, link topics together and remember things. I think it’s safe to say that if Mr. William lectured in a school, no one would be skipping lectures ever again.

    — Felix Tseng —
  • The impact Mr. William has made in my life was tremendous. I used to be someone who dislike tuition, but I was astonished that after the first lesson, I realised his teaching style was exactly what I needed and I have never felt that clearer before. If he taught in a JC, I’m sure he’d be the top lecturer.

    — Julian Low —
  • I remember I first heard about Mr. William from my classmates and all they said were, “William is godly”. At that point in time, I was still wondering if what they say is really true or they were just exaggerating. But soon after joining his class, I was just like them, going around telling people that “William is really godly.

    — Algena Goh —
  • Lessons here are not a mere repetition of school lectures. I have learnt so much more at Making Sense. Each lesson never failed to surprise me with new snippets of information and knowledge. I always found Chemistry to be interesting, insightful and funny whenever William taught complex concepts to us. William really make Chemistry come alive!

    — Alexander Koh —
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